Friday, 13 January 2017

How To Establish Local Authenticity In Your Community

Honesty time. 2016 was the year of scandal, fake news, hacking, and straight up distrust. Our nation as a whole is becoming more and more distrusting and weary when it comes to all factions of life, and rightly so. It’s hard to trust what anyone says, when you never know where their information came from and their motivation behind it. Businesses have taken a huge hit in the distrust market as well. With all the noise online these days with less than true ads, marketing scandals, products or services that don’t live up to their promises, and a ton of fake reviews, it’s easy to see how customers are snapping their purses and wallets shut more quickly than before.

What it comes to service businesses especially, like Chiropractic Care, getting new patients/clients in your door can be a challenge at best. And since you have the type of business that deals primarily with local patients, it’s vital that you have good standing with those in your community. But how do you do that? Well, there are a few simple steps you can try, simply by doing Chiropractic SEO the right way, which will help boost your “street cred” with the locals, and send new patients flocking through your doors.

The first thing to realize is that when trying to bring in new patients, it’s best to build the most rapport you can with existing patients. Why may you ask? Well, by building a strong relationship with your current clients, they then will be more apt to go out and share their experience with their friends. If people are going to trust anyone, it will be someone they like and are close too. So, the best thing to do is build on the foundation you already have with existing patients. Make their experience amazing, and set yourself apart.

Once you have established some rapport, then it’s time to focus on cultivating positive reviews and social check-ins. Again, this goes along with our first step, because people are more apt to listen to people that they know, versus a business they don’t. If your customer has had a positive experience at your clinic, ask them to share a review, or check-in on Facebook about the great care they are receiving at your clinic.

On the flipside, if the customer was disappointed in their experience, then make sure you give them your full attention and ask how you could have improved upon their experience. And then do what you can to make it right. Thus, lessening the chance of them posting a negative review. And one negative review can hold the same weight of about ten positive reviews.

The next step is then to get involved in your community. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean to run out and sponsor every race or event that comes along. While those are good things, it’s also important in this digital age to build a local standing online. SEO, especially Chiropractic SEO, can be a tricky business. But, by gaining knowledge it can actually become fairly simple. In fact, building local standing online can be as simple as putting up a landing page or pages depending on if you have multiple locations. A landing page allows your client to better understand where you are physically, what other things are around you, and the specific information about said physical location. Just make sure when setting up your landing location page, that you make it visually appealing, streamlined, mobile friendly, and continually update it with current news about what’s going on where you’re located.

The final step, at least for this article, is to get to know your customers through automated personalization and geotargeting. This means you need to make things personal. You need to get to know your client on a personal level as best as you can. This is done through account-based marketing. We live in a digital world where data from every source of online is collected. This data can then be bought and used in order to see what your clients interests are, what items they do or don’t like, and where they spend their time surfing the web. By taking this data and examining it, you can further pinpoint who they are. But, knowing your clients isn’t enough. You need to know where your clients are, and when.  While this may not seem to matter in a service business where you have set hours, it can actually help with walk-ins. Just remember, for local marketing, context is key.

Becoming an authentic face in your community is as simple as building relationships with your patients, encouraging them to share their experiences, showing them who you are and where you are, and getting to know them on a virtual level. All of these things added up can build your rapport with the local community, and send business flying through your doors.